At night, the dead: (Blood Pudding Press, 2009)

My first chapbook, winner of the Blood Pudding Press chapbook contest. Hand bound, 20pp. Cover art by Emma Trithart.


[T]he collection is a tightly woven tapestry of encounters with the dead, stitched together by recurring threads: salt on widow sills, luminous coins, burned paper, house and home.

{Jill Crammond Wickham for Poet’s Quarterly}

Lisa Ciccarello explores this relationship between poetry, language, and death in a series of beautifully constructed vignettes.

{Jen Lue for Weave Magazine}

With a rhythm to her spare prose that begs recitation, Ciccarello’s poems function as incantations intended to protect against, as well as pay homage to, the dead that linger beyond the salt-coated sills of her collection’s windows.

{Erin McKnight for Prick of the Spindle}

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