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I'm a poet & fledgling chandler with a penchant for collaboration.


I have started sending out a little missive on the full moon called I Barely Live in This World, filled with links to bizarre facts, interesting historical tidbits, & awesome projects I come across. Sometimes there's music & illustrations, & I try to include a recipe with each issue; so far I've shared ones for moon water & essential oil spray. If this sounds like something you'd like (& how could it not?) sign up here.

I am just about to launch my candle store, A Dark House, & could not be more nervous/thrilled. I have been blending scents & testing wicks for nearly a year now & have gotten amazing feedback so far on the pure soy, pthalate-free candles I've been hand pouring. Feel free to join me on A Dark House's Instagram as I begin this exciting journey.

I recently built my first twitter bot, At Night Infinitely, which remixes the contents of my full length book, At Night, into (sometimes delightful, sometimes senseless) poetic fragments & tweets them out every few hours. Follow it for a bit of poetry in your twitter feed.

I built a second bot, one that makes randomized emoji deserts, as a sunny antitidote to all this spring rain. Want to create a desert of your own? Click away!

It's National Poetry Month, so all poetry books at Powell's are 15% off, including mine! Grab At Night at a discount.

You can always buy At Night directly from me. Simply click here, & don't forget to include your shipping address & whether you'd like it signed or not.



Lisa Ciccarello is the author of At Night, a full-length book of poetry out from Black Ocean, as well as several chapbooks. Her poems have appeared in Tin House, The Academy of American Poets, Denver Quarterly, the PEN Poetry Series, Handsome, & The Volta, among others.

She's half of the creative duo behind it will be known to us, an ongoing project with long-time collaborator Emma Trithart, which brings poetry & illustration together in the form of enamel pins, zines, gif comics, screensavers & more.

Most recently, her focus has been on candlemaking & scent blending, culminating in the launch of A Dark House, a home for her hand poured, pure soy candles, which she hopes provide a little light in the darkness.

Her social practice projects have been featured at a number of Open Engagement conferences & installed at the Queens Museum.


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