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I'm a poet & fledgling chandler with a penchant for collaboration.


Maybe it's the onset of spring & the longer, sunnier days, but I am feeling a lot more creative than I have in the past few months, & I'd love to see some of my wild ideas come to life. In an attempt to spur myself into doing just that, I've begun a Patreon! Patreon is a subscription site for artists, so my patrons can expect new works, gif poems, zines, & some more ambitious projects I've got in mind. Many of my posts will be public, so you can just bookmark the page, or hit "follow" if you're already signed up for Patreon to see writing tips & prompts. But I hope you'll choose to become a patron of mine & we can go on a creative journey together!

I adore gothic mysteries, & can never get enough of them, so I built a twitter bot to dream up novels for me! Gothic Mysteries does just what it says: every so often, it releases the title & plot synopsis of a self-generated gothic mystery. Imaginative, auto-generated story-telling bots are my absolute favorite, & I look forward to making more! Add it to your twitter feed for a little jolt of suspense throughout the day (& let me know if you write any of these dreamy mysteries).

I send out a little missive on each full moon called I Barely Live in This World, filled with links to bizarre facts, interesting historical tidbits, & awesome projects I come across. If this sounds like something you'd like (& how could it not?) sign up here.

My collaborative pin & zine project, It Will Be Known to Us, just released our newest pin! The Flower of Warding is an ever-lasting, ever-watchful pin you can wear as a super subtle amulet, or simply enjoy as an unusual bloom that will never wilt.

A Dark House, my growing candle company, had an amazing fall & winter season of popups! Considering how much I love in-person events, it's hard to find the enthusiasm needed to launch the online store. If you're nearby, watch out for upcoming events on Instagram, & if not, bear with me as I slowly work towards my next goal.

Do you want a signed or inscribed copy of At Night? You can support me directly & get what you want by clicking here. Don't forget to include your shipping address, whether you'd like it signed or not, & what name the inscription should bear. (Shipping is included within the US, intl supporters, please contact me first!)

If you're looking for some bonus At Night content, my first twitter bot, At Night Infinitely, is still making its weird & wonderful snippets of poetry. It tweets out reconstructed fragments from the contents of the book every few hours. Follow it for a bit of poetry in your twitter feed.



Lisa Ciccarello is the author of At Night, a full-length book of poetry out from Black Ocean, as well as several chapbooks. Her poems have appeared in Tin House, The Academy of American Poets, Denver Quarterly, the PEN Poetry Series, Handsome, & The Volta, among others.

She's half of the creative duo behind it will be known to us, an ongoing project with long-time collaborator Emma Trithart, which brings poetry & illustration together in the form of enamel pins, zines, gif comics, screensavers & more.

Most recently, her focus has been on candlemaking & scent blending, culminating in the launch of A Dark House, a home for her hand poured, pure soy candles, which she hopes provide a little light in the darkness.

Her social practice projects have been featured at a number of Open Engagement conferences & installed at the Queens Museum.


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