Welcome! I'm so glad you've found your way here.

I'm Lisa, a poet who writes little delights full of shadowy fragments & tiny shivers.

For a while now, my energy has been focused on my Patreon: writing & recording a creative project a month, penning some small essays, sharing behind the scenes peeks & hosting co-working sessions. My patrons are currently the only ones who get to see my new work. If you're curious about what I'm writing now, or want to support me as an artist, please join me on Patreon!

Each month I also write a full-moon missive, packed with curiosities, articles I've found intriguing, things to make & do, & little updates. I'd love it if you signed up so we could stay in touch!

Yearning for something haunting & brief? Find my latest chapbook, full of moody micro-horrors, right here: True Self


New Work

My recent work is currently only available to my patrons. Join me on Patreon for exclusive access.


My poems have been published in over 60 journals, both in print & online. I've curated the selection below as an introduction to my work.

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Books & Chapbooks

I'm the author of a full-length book of poetry, as well 10 chapbooks. Below is a selection of works that are available to read or purchase.

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A headshot of Lisa Ciccarello

Lisa Ciccarello is the author of At Night (Black Ocean, 2015), a full-length book of poetry, as well as several chapbooks.

Her poems have appeared in Tin House, Poets.org, Denver Quarterly, the PEN Poetry Series, Handsome, & The Volta, among others.

She holds an MFA in Poetry from the University of Arizona.

She loves collaborative work, & finding ways to share poems through comics, zines, bots, stickers, gifs, games & more.

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I've been offering online "sprints" to my patrons, where we work in silence on our respective projects during a few 20 minute bursts. It helps me focus when I know I've only got a little time to work, plus I've really missed that cafe feeling—the quiet accountability of others working alongside you.
I host them twice a month & everyone gets so much done during each one! I just love them & I really hope you'll join in one day.

I'm also slowly working on filling a little etsy shop with digital planners, which have become a bit of a new infatuation of mine.